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Welcome / Bienvenue / Hosgeldiniz

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Friday, November 22, 2013

French Cuisine Friday - Lemon Mustard Chicken

Back in 2008, when I studied abroad in Paris, ISA (the company that I used) took us to a French chef's apartment to get a hands on cooking class. I used to have the printed out recipes and the woman's backgrond but I don't know where the papers are. The only thing I remember that we made was chicken that was marinated in oranges, lemons and dijon mustard. Tonight for dinner we are having that chicken but without the oranges.

This is a rough recipe
Chicken - either breasts, a whole, wings, any part really - I am using wings
Lemon juice - 2- 3 tbs
Lemon slices
Dijon Mustard (that's the spicy one) 1-2 tbs
olive oil
salt and pepper, dried parsley (optional)
Mix the lemon juice and mustard and some olive oil in a cup.
 Salt and pepper, parsley the chicken
and then brush the lemon mustard sauce on the chicken
 Put the lemon slices on the chicken.

Put in the oven at 350°  until the mustard sauce is nice and golden. and then enjoy!

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